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Calculating Correct Weight Distribution in Shipping Containers

 Calculating correct weight distribution in containers Growing up in the Netherlands, one of the greatest excitements was ice skating on our many rivers and canals. Unfortunately there could be years without any ice, as our winters are often too mild. If it does get cold enough, the ice usually only lasts for a few days and it is not always strong enough to skate on. But if there is….everyone [...]

Container Cargo Securing | Are You Compliant?

Is Your Container Cargo Securing System Compliant and Certified? Proper cargo securing prevents cargo from getting damaged during transport. It also reduces the chances of personal and environmental incidents. A recent study showed that 65% of all container incidents are the result of poorly packed, blocked or secured cargo. Australian CoR and Road Safety If an (roll-over) incident happens on Australian Roads as a result [...]

Securing Break Bulk Cargo on Vessels

Securing Break Bulk Cargo on Vessels Eliminating the loss of tension with dynamic cargo securing solutions Break bulk cargo shipped on board of ships can be exposed to extreme external influences. Securing breakbulk cargo is a complex, dangerous and risky business. Traditional securing methods require multiple operators, can damage the cargo, expose operators to injury, increase costs and/or create unnecessary risks. Cordlash Heavy Duty Lashing eliminates these risks and [...]

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