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  • CoR Road Safety Forces Acting on Cargo

CoR & Road Safety | Forces Acting on Cargo

CoR & Road Safety | Forces Acting on Cargo Sometimes images, or video, speak louder than a thousand words. That is why I have put together a short video showing the [...]

  • galvanized-steel-products-secured-with-cordstrap-strapping

Strapping Solutions for Galvanizers

Strapping solutions for Galvanizers Meeting the transport challenges of the galvanizing industry As a galvanizer you are facing challenges when it comes to transporting your product across Australia, or around [...]

  • Small Bundle Steel Pipes Strapped with Cordstrap

Strapping Small Bundles

Strapping Small Bundles | Square or Round If you are strapping small bundles, you know it is often difficult to apply sufficient tension to your bundle. The footplate of most strapping tensioners is [...]

  • lashing buckles copied from Cordstrap Lashing buckles

Lashing Buckles | Quality Check

Lashing Buckles Your heavy duty lashing system is only as strong as its weakest link Since 1965 Cordstrap has been leading the world of cargo securing systems with a unique concept of in-house research, development [...]

  • Caterpillar Parts Secured with Cordstrap composite strapping

Alternatives for Steel Strapping

Alternatives for Steel Strapping More and more companies in Australia are looking for an alternative for steel strapping. There are various reasons for this shift, such as: Customer Demand Safety Product Damage Difficult to [...]

  • Container Loading Plans Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd

Optimal Security in Container Cargo Securing

Container Cargo Securing – Optimal security Safe and secure transportation is of vital importance regardless of the cargo inside a container. Security concerns, not just the cargo itself, but also the workers and the [...]

  • Container Accident Open Container Void

Dealing with Open Voids in Shipping Containers

Open Voids in Shipping Containers The 15cm requirement of the CTU Code  We always operate and advise our clients to secure their cargo conform the requirements of the CTU Code. If you comply with [...]

  • Cordstrap Strapping Mine Site Wear Parts

Preferred Strapping for Mine Sites

Strapping for Mine Sites The Preferred Alternative for Steel Strapping by Australia's Mining Companies Safety standards in the mining industry are high. Heavy machinery, equipment, and materials shipped to and from mine [...]

How to secure heavy machinery in shipping containers

How to Secure Heavy Machinery in Shipping Containers Case Study We were contacted by a heavy machinery manufacturer. The company exports machinery to all corners of the globe. They secured their machinery inside [...]

Composite Strapping vs. Steel Strapping

Composite Strapping vs. Steel Strapping Case Study Australian Leading Home- and Hardware Store One of Australia's leading home and hardware stores asked for our assistance with their project to eliminate steel strapping on inbound products. [...]

  • Containers on ship

Container Cargo Securing in a Nutshell – Part 1

Container Cargo Securing in a Nutshell - Part 1 Forces acting on cargo During transportation, your cargo is subject to forces due to acceleration, deceleration or changes in direction. The magnitude of [...]

  • Cordstrap composite strapping

Composite Strapping – FAQ’s

What is composite strapping? Composite strapping is known as “synthetic steel”. It is the latest development in strapping technology. Composite strapping is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer [...]

The 7 most expensive words in business

"We have always done it this way" The seven most expensive words in business I regularly see "We Have Always Done It This Way", aka as the most expensive 7 words in business, showing [...]