Strapping and Lashing for Steel and Metal

As a steel and metal manufacturer you are well aware of the behaviour of your products in transit and the specific shipping this requires. We provide strong as steel polyester security that can be applied directly to your steel products without damaging them.

Cordstrap strapping and lashing solutions for steel and metal product are designed to meet the securing needs of the steel industry. Whether you need a strong, yet easy to apply strap for your small bundles, or a lashing system to secure your steel products in containers, on flat racks, railcars or vessels.

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Strapping Solutions

industrial steel unitised with Cordstrap composite strapping

Composite strapping

Safe, stronger than steel strapping

As a steel and metal manufacturers you often need to bundle and secure highly irregular and heavy items such as structural steel, fencing or poles. Cordstrap is the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems. Size for size Cordstrap is even stronger than steel strapping.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Non-abrasive & rust-proof
  • Fully certified
  • System strengths of up to 3,700kg
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Shock absorbent & high tension

Absorbing impacts without loss of tension

When you ship your steel product you need to keep in mind how your product is handled before it arrives at its destination. Products will be lifted and put down multiple times. Road conditions, or movement at sea, are often far from smooth.

A product that retains tension and absorbs impacts is key. Cordstrap is made of high tenacity polyester fiber. This means that Cordstrap will work with your load, absorb impact and retain its original shape.