Strapping and Lashing for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer you need a strong, safe to use/receive strapping or lashing system you can rely on. You care about your products and reputation and want your products to arrive in perfect condition at your customer. Whether you ship within Australia or overseas.

Many of Australia’s high end manufacturers use our cost-effective solutions to safely secure their products on pallets, unitised, inside containers, on flat racks or directly on ships.

From high value manufactured parts to expensive mining machinery we have all your load securing needs covered. Get in touch with us for an on-site demonstration. We will meet with you at any location in Australia.

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Strapping Solutions

lashing for bundling pipes energy drilling

High retained tension & Shock absorbent

When choosing a strapping system you need to keep in mind how your product is being handled before it arrives at your customer. Cargo is often picked up and put down multiple times and travels on rough, or even unpaved, roads.

A shock absorbent system that retains its tension is therefore important! Unlike steel strapping, Cordstrap absorbs these impacts without breaking while at all times retaining its high tension.

Non-abrasive & rust-proof

Cordstrap is non-abrasive and does not rust. You can apply it directly to your sensitive and coated products. You can also apply Cordstrap on products with sharp edges. When edges are razor blade sharp, we recommend some form of edge protection. We provide plastic corner pieces, but of course a piece of card board will do the trick as well.

Cordstrap Pallet strapping