Cargo Securing Solutions for Containers

Cordstrap container securing solutions are the safest, most time & cost efficient way to secure your cargo inside containers. They prevent movement and damage of containerised cargo in transit.

Our cargo lashing and dunnage solutions for containers provide superior alternatives for ratchets, steel chains, wire rope, and timber blocking- and bracing. Unrivaled protection, safer, faster to apply and more cost-effective! Recently we introduced 3 breakthrough innovations, CornerLash, AchorLash HD and AnchorLash. These solutions are revolutionizing cargo securing in containers.

Let us help you with a solution to better secure your cargo, save time and bring down your cost. Just get in touch with us today.  

Cordstrap Composite Lashing

Composite Lashing

Known as ‘synthetic steel’, Cordstrap composite (CC) lashing is the latest development in lashing technology. This cargo lashing system for containers is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating. The coating prevents slip in the buckle and makes this lashing system perfect to secure any cargo inside containers. Including machinery and dynamic cargo on suspension!

CC lashing is available in a wide variety of widths and strengths. The lashing systems is closed with a steel wire buckle. You will only use the length you need so there is no waste. You have the freedom to position the buckle. This makes it easy to move around in those tight container spaces!

Cordlash Woven Lashing

Cordlash polyester lashing solutions have many advantages over conventional lashing products, such as ratchets, steel chains and wire rope. To secure cargo inside containers, woven lashing systems are mainly used in combination with our 2 latest breakthrough innovations, CornerLash and AnchorLash.

They are safe, cost- and time-effective and easy to apply – and eliminate cargo damage. The system is closed with a heavy duty steel ladder buckle.

Cordstrap lashing Cordlash 200


Container securing up to 30 tons

CornerLash is an innovative solution that secures heavy loads of up to 30 tons in containers, within a matter of minutes. This is achieved by using the strongest part of the container – the corner post.

Do you secure drums, IBC’s, carton boxes or bags in 20ft. or 40 ft. containers? Use CornerLash to ensure your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

AnchorLash HD

Secure up to 18 tons of cargo!

AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. This system is specifically designed for medium-weight loads in containers. AnchorLash HD allows you to secure medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) in an easy and consistent way within 10 minutes. It is the most time and cost efficient solution on the market

You can use AnchorLash HD to secure many types of loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags, cans and other soft packaging. The system is suited to be used in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers. With AnchorLash HD you are ensured your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

AnchorLash Edgeboards Big Bags in Shipping Container


Container securing up to 11 tons

AnchorLash has been specifically designed to secure light loads of up to 11 tons in containers within a few minutes, using the existing lashing points.

Do you secure carton boxes or other soft packaging such as cans or 25 kg. / 50 lb. bags in 20ft. or 40 ft. containers? Use AnchorLash to ensure your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are specifically designed to secure and stabilise cargo in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. They prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement and are much more effective in stabilizing cargo compared with timber blocking and bracing.

The best bag for a particular need depends on a number of variables such as void size, height of the cargo and specific shipping requirements. Our bags are available in a wide variety of sizes. We will advise on the most effective dunnage bag to match your  individual requirements.

Dunnage bags are available in five performance levels which have been established by the AAR (Association of American Railroads):

  • Level zero, one and two are mainly used in a container to fill empty spaces between pieces of cargo
  • Levels three, four and five are used to secure particularly heavy cargo like paper coils

We can provide all levels of dunnage air bags and are happy to advise on the most effective dunnage bag to match your type of cargo and application. 

Cordstrap dunnage bags
CornerLash and AnchorLash Cargo Protectors

Optimal Security

To increase the protection of your cargo, we offer a range of specially designed components such as corner elements for IBC’s and edge boards for securing soft packaging like carton boxes.

Safety for workers, the cargo and its surroundings is a top priority when shipping in a container and must be guaranteed at all times. To ensure this, CornerLash and AnchorLash uses pre-cut lashing. This makes the use of knives or other sharp and dangerous tools unnecessary. 

Advice and Loading Plans

As cargo securing specialists we know that every cargo has its specific challenges. We are able to provide you with a preliminary advice or loading plan on what cargo securing solution would fit your cargo best.

Check out these 40+ loading plans for a wide variety and weight of cargos.

AnchorLash HD Reefer Solutions Drums

Compliant cargo securing solutions

Every transport method and region has its own rules and regulations. When shipping a container from its point of origin to its destination, it will fall under different rules and regulations while in transit. For containerised goods, Cordstrap container lashing solutions comply with the CTU-Code, IMDG and AAR guidelines, which are key to ensuring safe transport.

We are ready to help you with all necessary knowledge and skills to safely secure your cargo in a container, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations – locally and globally.

Container Securing – Application Videos

Composite Lashing
CC105 – Manual Tool

Composite Lashing
CC105 – Pneumatic Tool

Composite Lashing
CC105 – Battery Tool

Woven Lashing
Cordlash 105 – Manual Tool

Up to 11 tons

AnchorLash HD
11 tons – 18 tons

Up to 30 tons

Dunnage Bags
Inflation and deflation

Limited Time Only Highly Discounted Special Offer

Cordstrap® Container Lashing Starter Kit

(Starter Kit Includes: 2 rolls Cordstrap® composite lashing, 1 box Cordstrap® buckles, 1 Cordstrap® Swiss Made tensioner, 1 Cordstrap® dispenser, T&C’s Apply)
Cordstrap CC105 Starter Kit Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd

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