Cargo Securing Solutions for Containers

Cordstrap container securing solutions are the safest, most time & cost efficient way to secure your cargo inside containers. They prevent movement and damage of containerised cargo in transit.

Our cargo lashing and dunnage solutions for containers provide superior alternatives for ratchets, steel chains, wire rope, and timber blocking- and bracing. Unrivaled protection, safer, faster to apply and more cost-effective! Recently we introduced 3 breakthrough innovations, CornerLash, AchorLash HD and AnchorLash. These solutions are revolutionizing cargo securing in containers.

Let us help you with a solution to better secure your cargo, save time and bring down your cost. Just get in touch with us today.  

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Cordstrap Composite Lashing

Composite Lashing

Known as ‘synthetic steel’, Cordstrap composite (CC) lashing is the latest development in lashing technology. This cargo lashing system for containers is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating. The coating prevents slip in the buckle and makes this lashing system perfect to secure any cargo inside containers. Including machinery and dynamic cargo on suspension!

CC lashing is available in a wide variety of widths and strengths. The lashing systems is closed with a steel wire buckle. You will only use the length you need so there is no waste. You have the freedom to position the buckle. This makes it easy to move around in those tight container spaces!

Lashing Products

Cordlash Woven Lashing

Cordlash polyester lashing solutions hav