Cordstrap AnchorLash HD®

Secure cargo up to 18 tons in a container

A revolution in cargo securing

AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. This cargo securing solutions is specifically designed for you to secure various types of cargo of medium-weight in containers.

Anchorlash HD is the most time and cost efficient solution on the market. It will enable you to quickly and easily secure medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) in a consistent way.

AnchorLash HD Lastest Innovation
Steel drums secured in shipping container with AnchorLash HD

Specially designed for loads of up to 18 tons

AnchorLash HD is suitable for many types of loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags, cans and other soft packaging. You can use the system in 20 ft and 40 ft containers. Using AnchorLash HD ensures that your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

To protect sensitive soft packaging Cordstrap developed load specifi add-ons. These so called ‘Plug and Play’ components, such as these edgeboards, ensure enhanced safety and speed.

For loads exceeding 18 tons, Cordstrap recommend CornerLash.

Optimal security

AnchorLash HD provides optimal security for your loads of up to 18 tons* in transit.

With AnchorLash HD you are making maximum use of the anchor points in the container because of the woven loops of the lashing straps. This optimises the total securing value.

*In accordance with the CTU Code and taking into account the maximal strength of container securing points

Fast and easy application

To secure a container with AnchorLash HD will only take you 10 minutes because loops are integrated into this solution.

The lashing straps are cut-to-length. Together with the ‘Plug and Play’ components this reduces wastage, preparation and clean up time. The result is a fast, easy and consistent application every time you secure your cargo with AnchorLash HD.

Efficiency and consistency

‘Plug and Play’ components such as EdgeBoards offer many benefits. First, they protect your cargo from being damaged. Second, the slits in these boards ensure that your lashing is placed at the ideal height in every container, thus providing you with a high level of consistency. Finally, the EdgeBoard itself distributes any impact force and protects cargo.

Cordstrap slotted corner boards