Moisture Control in Shipping Containers

Avoid corrosion, mold, caking of powders and deteriorated packaging

Products and their packaging are exposed to moisture during shipping. Insurers estimate that close to 10% of container shipment losses are caused by moisture damage. This is an estimated annual $400 – $500 billion loss in sales value!

Corrosion, mold, caking of powders and the deterioration of packaging are among the consequences of moisture control neglect or ignorance. However, moisture damage is not limited to sales value loss: it negatively impacts the environment, by generating waste, causing inefficiency in the supply chain and negatively affecting brand values.

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Avoiding moisture damage in shipping containers

Moisture Control in Shipping Containers Explained

Learn more about the importance of moisture control and our solution to keep your cargo safe!

Is your cargo at risk?

At Cargo Restraint Systems we are committed to keeping Australia’s cargo safe. This includes eliminating damage caused by moisture during transport!
To find out if your cargo is at risk we can provide you with an assessment to calculate the moisture risk for your cargo.
We deliver container moisture control through a unique four-step approach that ensures our partnership with you delivers the protection you need.

Cordstrap Moisture Control 4 step program

1. Diagnose

Cordstrap’s online Moisture Control Cargo Protection Guide swiftly determines the level of moisture damage cargo could be exposed to. An onsite Cargo Protection Scan using measurement tools and tracking then substantiates this.

2. Advice

Using the scan results, our Moisture Control Dimensioning Tool identifies the optimal solution to maximize protection with minimal disturbance to loading.

3. Product

Our latest technology products come in a variety of sizes and weights to ensure the optimal solution for your moisture risk. The unique product composition guarantees high absorption and the ‘one way only’ outer bag enables fast absorption and no leakage or sweat.

4. Training

We work in partnership with our customers to develop jointly agreed implementation plans. We support these with tailored application advice and training from our Cordstrap Cargo Securing Experts across Australia.

Cordstrap Moisture Control Portfolio

The right product for every application

  • Consists of the latest calcium chloride and starch technology
  • Delivers the best absorption available on the market
  • High performing Tyvek© technology in outer bags guarantees they are tear resistant and leak proof

Cordstrap Dry Bag in box with hook

Ideal for less tightly packed containers with over 50cm / 20″ between cargo and container ceiling. The cardboard casing provides additional protection against shocks.

Hung from the top lashing points in the container.

Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.307 lbs