What happened to a Cordstrap lashing tool that got smashed by a 20t forklift?

We fixed it!

We received a call from a client who wanted to purchase a new CT-40 Cordstrap lashing tensioner. They told us they had run-over their tool in the yard with a 20t forklift and broke it. We asked if we could take a look at the tool because we could potentially repair it. Our tools are heavy duty, and not easily broken. Upon inspecting the tool we noticed only the handle had broken off. That was easy to fix! Our service department replaced the broken handle and the tool was as new again. In the meantime, we provided our client with a loan tool so he could continue his lashing job.

CT40 Cordstrap Lashing Tool Smashed by 20t forklift

CT-40 after its “survival of the fittest challenge”

CT40 Cordstrap Lashing Tool Repaired after Run over by 20t forklift

CT-40, good as new after its complimentary repair by our service team

Highest quality strapping & lashing tools in Australia

We pride ourselves to have the best quality strapping and lashing tools in Australia. When Cordstrap invented the corded strapping and buckle system, they also engineered the strapping and lashing tools to work with our composite and woven strapping and lashing systems. Till date, the tools are still being manufactured in-house in The Netherlands and in Switzerland. They are built to last in the toughest conditions.ir Cordstrap tools and if they do we simply fix the tool. Even when the tool is run over by a 20t forklift!

Copy tools

Most strapping and lashing tools in the market, are copied from our Cordstrap tools and manufactured in China and Taiwan. Similar from the outside they lack the engineered precision that is so important to create a tool that can apply high tension. Due to their poor quality, they often quickly become unusable due to simple wear and tear.  I am shocked when companies tell me their non-Cordstrap tools only last them 3-6 months. Usually, the same part wears and their supplier tells them they need to purchase an entire new tool because they cannot replace the part. Rarely do our customers have wear and tear issues with their Cordstrap tools and if they do we simply fix the tool. Even when the tool is run over by a 20t forklift!

The bitterness of poor quality…

There is an extensive range of strapping and lashing tools on the market which can make it hard to find a high quality and reliable tool. Cordstrap strapping and lashing tools are the highest quality tools in the market and we can service and repair them for you if needed, even if you ride over them with a 20t forklift!

As the saying goes “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

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