Cordstrap AnchorLash®

A revolution in cargo securing

AnchorLash is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. It is specifically designed for light loads in containers.

Anchorlash is the most time and cost efficient solution on the market. With AnchorLash you can secure your light cargo (up to 11 tons)  in an easy and consistent way.

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Cordstrap AnchorLash Illustration
Cordstrap AnchorLash Soft Packaging Application

Specially designed for soft packaging

AnchorLash is suitable for many types of light loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, cans and other soft packaging. You can use this system in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers. Use the AnchorLash solution and be ensured that your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

‘Plug and Play’ components – including load specific add-ons such as EdgeBoards specially designed for soft packaging – ensure enhanced safety and speed.

For loads exceeding 11 tons, we recommend CornerLash.

Optimal security

AnchorLash uses the strongest existing securing point in the container – the anchor point – to provide optimal security for loads of up to 11 tons in transit.

The lower lashing points in a container provide a securing force of 1000daN. This is double the force of the upper lashing points that are used in other securing methods.

AnchorLash Application CloseUp

Fast and easy application

Securing a container with AnchorLash takes you only eight minutes. Two minutes to apply and six minutes to close and tension the system. Supplied in kits, AnchorLash is supplied in a kit. The kit includes cut-to-length lashing, steel buckles and ‘Plug and Play’ components. The type of “Plug and Play’ components depends on your cargo. Customised to no excessive preparation or tidying up is required!

On arrival at destination, AnchorLash can be removed in seconds, saving extensive clean up time.

Efficiency and consistency

‘Plug and Play’ components such as EdgeBoards protect your cargo from being damaged. They also ensure that your lashing is placed at the ideal height in every container. This creates a high level of consistency. The EdgeBoard itself distributes any impact force and protects cargo.