Cargo Securing for Rail Freight

Cordstrap polyester lashing systems, unique dynamic cargo solutions and dunnage bags offer many advantages over conventional products such as heavy-duty steel straps, chains or wooden blocking and bracing.

No matter the nature, size and weight of the products you need to transport by rail, we have the most effective solution for you to safely secure your freight.

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  • Easy, fast and cost-effective
  • Highly shock absorbent
  • Tension retentive
  • Fully certified
Concrete Pre Cast with Cordlash on Rail Car

Open top railcars

Forces in excess of 3G can easily be generated during rail transport. They are a major consideration when securing cargo.

Our unique dynamic securing solutions provide shock absorbency, which is critical in this environment. We have led the way in introducing non-steel strapping on open railcars, with over 250 AAR approvals for a wide variety of applications. This article provides more information on how Cordstrap has revolutionized rail freight transport in the USA.

Our expertise on railcar applications can provide the needed technical assistance on transporting products including primary metals (steel plates, galvanized products, structural steel, pipes and tubes), base metals (billets, ingots and coils) and timber products (fiberboard, particle board, lumber).


Your Solution for Dynamic Rail Freight

During transportation on open rail cars, rail freight often behaves dynamically. Our dynamic cargo solution is the safest and most effective way to secure such freight on open rail cars quickly and easily.

This special dynamic cargo solution, provides unrivaled safety and security. Safer to apply, more flexible and easier on cargo than steel strapping and chains.

Dynablock with Cordlash 200
Cordstrap CornerLash AAR IBC's


Container securing up to 30 tons

Railcar containers can contain a wide variety of products and materials, from processed foods and beverages to chemicals. Dependent on load, packaging may range from big bags, IBC’s and cartons, to fiber, plastic and steel drums.

To allow customers to secure cargo quickly and easily while meeting all local and international legislation, Cordstrap have developed CornerLash.

Cordlash in a revolutionary, patent-pending innovation that secures heavy loads of up to 30 tons in containers, within a matter of minutes. This is achieved by using the strongest part of the container – the corner post.


Container securing up to 11 tons

AnchorLash is suitable for many types of light loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, cans and other soft packaging. You can use this system in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers. Use the AnchorLash solution and be ensured that your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

‘Plug and Play’ components – including load specific add-ons such as EdgeBoards specially designed for soft packaging – ensure enhanced safety and speed.

Cordstrap AnchorLash Soft Packaging Application

Cordstrap D-Connect Dunnage Bags

Secure and stabilize of up to 23 tons

D-Connect dunnage bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize loads of up to 23 tons in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. The D-Connect bag is the most reliable dunnage bag in the market and enables cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Cordstrap dunnage bags are equipped with our innovative fast and inflation valve. This, in combination with the valve position on the edge of the bag, can increase your inflation time up to 50%. Our bags can be deflated and are therefore re-usable!

Cordstrap dunnage bags are available in all strength levels, standard sizes and can be manufactured in any size to meet your needs and requirements.

Securing particleboard on a bulkhead flatcar

An example of Cordstrap products being used to secure particleboard on a rail car

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