Cordstrap CornerLash®

A revolution in cargo securing

CornerLash is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. It is designed to secure heavy loads in containers.

CornerLash is the most time and cost efficient solution on the market. With CornerLash you can secure heavy cargo (up to 30 tons) in an easy and consistent way, in under 10 minutes!

CornerLash secures  many types of heavy loads in 20ft and 40ft containers. This includes drums, IBCs, 25 kg bags and other soft packaging.

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Cordstrap CornerLash AAR IBC's

High efficiency, low overall cost

We understand the need to keep control of total cost of ownership, to ensure that time and cost efficiency are maximised during securing whether transporting by rail, road or ocean – and CornerLash has been specifically tailored to meet these requirements.

This new solution makes it easy to ship your hazardous and non-hazardous cargo. It provides higher efficiency at a lower overall cost. Compared with existing solutions, it is less complicated and time-consuming to install CornerLash.

CornerLash is AAR approved (hazardous materials approval pending) and fully CTU code compliant.

No use of Container Lashing Points

Traditionally, you use the container lashing points in containers to secure cargo. However, these are not always strong enough to secure heavy cargo. The floor lashing points are rated at only 1t and the ceiling lashing points are rated at only 500kg.

CornerLash is the only solution in the market that uses the strongest point of the container – the corner posts – to achieve optimum security. 

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Operator efficiency

CornerLash is up to three times faster to apply than existing adhesive-based solutions. ‘Plug and Play’ components – including load specific add-ons such as engineered protectors for IBC’s and EdgeBoards specially designed for soft packaging – ensure enhanced safety and speed.

To secure one 20ft container with up to 80 drums or 18 IBC’s, the following elements are required:

  • 4 Corner Elements
  • 4 Buckles
  • 4 Lashes

Ease of inspection

When a container is opened for inspection, it can be difficult to see how cargo is secured. To make this simple, a label is provided with CornerLash. Simply attach the label to the cargo. This gives all necessary information to the inspector.

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