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Our  mission is to keep your cargo safe. We provide the products and solutions required to keep your cargo secure – on road, rail, sea and air. We enjoy a good challenge and no matter the complexity we will find a solution!

We do this with Cordstrap strapping, lashing and dunnage systems. Since 1965, Cordstrap has been global leader in cargo securing systems. Their products are the highest quality in the world today and we are proud to be their exclusive partner in Australia.

Our director

Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd was founded by Andre van Hoornaar. Andre started his career in 1998 as a Lashing Project Manager at Cordstrap’s global HQ in The Netherlands. In 2002 he established Cordstrap USA, which was followed by Cordstrap China in 2009. In 2012 Andre further expanded Cordstrap’s presence in South East Asia.

During his 20+ years in this industry, Andre has worked with the biggest brands all over the world. Providing these companies with bespoke solutions to safely secure their products.

Just like the rest of his team of application specialists, Andre meets with our customers to provide them with genuine solutions to safely secure their cargo.

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Our team of experts

We have an enthusiastic team of Application Specialists that is ready to help you conquer your shipping challenges.

We enjoy visiting Australian companies in the wide variety of industries that we support and to help these companies create a safe shipping environment for themselves, their products and their customers.

We are all Cordstrap trained load securing experts and have acquired years of extensive global experience. We enjoy sharing this experience with you and provide you with expert advice, training and on-going support.

Use our expertise to provide you with the most effective solution to safely secure your products!

Australia owned and operated

Andre was born in Australia and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 2.  In 1997 he backpacked and worked his way around Australia for one year. It has been his dream ever since to move back to his home country and start his own company.

After nearly two decades with Cordstrap in Europe, the USA and Asia, Cordstrap offered him the opportunity to an exclusive partnership in Australia; thus Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd was founded.

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