Cordstrap Quicklash

Economical container cargo securing

Specifically designed for securing light loads, when cost is a priority. QuickLash provides a quick and easy solution for securing many types of cargo in a container.

Suitable for securing big bags, soft packaging, carton boxes and drums, QuickLash is a simple solution that ensures cargo is secure in the container and provides fall out protection when the container doors are opened.

Load specific add-ons like edge boards and flex boards are used to further protect the cargo and ensure the lashing is correctly positioned.

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Cordstrap QuickLash in shipping container with drums

How to use Cordstrap QuickLash

Watch how quick and easy it is to secure your cargo with Cordstrap QuickLash

8 minute application QuickLash

Fast and easy application

Securing a container with QuickLash can be completed by just one operative in under 8 minutes.

The QuickLash solution is pre-assembled. Adjustable horizontal lashings are attached to the vertical lashing. This removes the need for additional preparation or cutting. The vertical lashings have snaphooks, ensuring quick and easy application to the upper and lower lashing anchor points in the container.

QuickLash is delivered packaged in a bag containing everything you need to secure one container. Operational efficiency throughout the process!

Ease of Inspection

To ensure ease of inspection when a container is opened, a shipping document is provided with QuickLash which, when attached to a cargo, gives all necessary information to ensure a satisfactory inspection in the port.