Lashing Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of accessories to optimise your cargo securing.

Cordstrap Dispensers

Cordstrap strapping and lashing dispensers are available in static and mobile versions. The best version to select depends on your specific requirements and the type of cargo securing product you are using. Our dispensers are equipped with a brake. This stops the strap from de-coiling.

Benefits of Dispensers

  • Available in static and mobile versions
  • Easy to load
  • Highly durable
  • Ergonomic design

Cordstrap Desiccants

During transport, your cargo is subject to temperature change. Temperature change causes condensation, aka container rain. Our desiccants range exists of the latest calcium chloride and stach technology. Cordstrap Dry products absorb up to 320% of their weight in moisture, the highest absorption available on the market. Most desiccants only absorb 85%. For fast, safe and easy application our desiccants are available in bags, blankets, pads and sachets.

Benefits of Cordstrap Dry

  • Highest absorption available on the market
  • High performance Tyvek technology in outer bag guarantees they are tear resistant
  • Non drip, even when completely saturated

Cordstrap Corner Lashing Plate

Securing oversized or out of gauge crates on flat racks has never been safer with Cordstrap Corner Lashing Plates. Use these plates to create additional lashing points. This allows you to calculate with the safe working load of your lashing system, instead of just the tension as you normally do with a tie-down system!

Benefits of Corner Lashing Plate

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Secures crates against movement in all directions
  • Reusable
  • Withstands forces of up to 15.000 daN/ 34,000 lbf
  • German Lloyd witnessed

Cordstrap Anti Slip Mats

Cordstrap’s Anti-Slip Mats are designed to increase friction. They can be placed beneath/between all types of cargo, including pallets, heavy machinery, steel products and paper reels.

We offer a variety of thickness and sizes. They are easy to cut into any desired shape or size to fit your application.

Benefits of Anti-slip Mats

  • Enable quicker, easier and faster cargo securing
  • Friction coefficient of minimum 0.8µ
  • Conform to latest EN and DIN standards
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials
  • Quick and easy to apply

Cordstrap Reefer Lashing Poins

Cordstrap Reefer Lashing Points are specifically designed to enable cargo securing in Reefer Containers. Cordstrap Reefer Lashing points can be applied in only a few seconds. These lashing points are certified and as strong as the anchor points in Non Reefer Containers.

Benefits of Reefer Lashing Points

  • Enables cargo securing in Reefer Containers
  • Certified Lashing Point Strenght 1,000kg
  • Quick and easy to apply
Cordstrap IBC Protectors

Cordstrap IBC Protectors

When it comes to IBCs and lashing in shipping containers you want to use edge protectors that do what they are supposed to, which is protect your IBC’s. Our unique IBC Protectors click on an IBC quickly and provide optimal protection.

Cordstrap IBC protectors are designed for use in conjunction with our corner lashing system.

Benefits of  IBC Protectors

  • Protects IBC’s from damage to ensure optimal security
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Keep lashing in place so that it is impossible to run out of hands when securing a container

Edge Protection

For sensitive or easy to damage cargo we offer a wide variety of Cordstrap Manufactured and Australia Made Edge Protection. Our Edge Protectors ensure safe and damage free transportation of your cargo. They range in sizes from 20mm up to 2.20mtr, and are made from plastic and/or cardboard.

Our edge protectors are designed for use in conjunction with our polyester lashing products. The right edge protection product depends on variables such as the application and type of polyester lash you are using.

Benefits of Edge Protectors

  • Protects both cargo and lashing from damage to ensure optimal security
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Available in a wide variety of types and sizes
Cargo Edge Protection Products
Container Magnet

Container Magnets

Container magnets hold your lashings against the walls during the loading of container. These magnets work especially well in combination with our breakthrough lashing systems CornerLash or AnchorLash.

When you pre-install your lashings before you load your cargo inside the container,  use these magnets to hold your lashings firmly in place  until you are ready to close your lashing systems.

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