Safer and easier securing of tight head drums to curtain side trailers

DRUMCLIP provides a higher – and certified – level of transporting drums in curtain side trucks, therefore improving the safety on Australian roads.

DRUMCLIP results in considerable less effort for drivers:

  • Faster loading and unloading
  • DRUMCLIP weighs only 100gr
  • DRUMCLIPs are packed in re-usable drawstring nylon bag for easy storage
  • Re-usable

This clever, patented Dutch innovation has quickly become the preferred way to secure drums to curtain side trailers in Europe and is quickly becoming the preferred way in Australia as well.

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Drumclip Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd

Safety first in road transport

When transporting tight head drums in a curtain side trailer a secured cargo is of great importance. Using DRUMCLIPS ensures an optimal safe situation. Each row of four or eight drums is tightly secured to the trailer with the use of only two DRUMCLIPS and a ratchet strap.

Your load stands solid, as can be seen in the video below. The drums in front of the trailer are secured with DRUMCLIPS. The ones in the back are secured with a pallet on top.


The DRUMCLIP has been thouroughly tested and certified according EN 12192-1 Cargo Securing Equipment. These tests have been executed by TUV in Germany. You can download the Drumclip Test Certificate here.

Drumclip Test Certificate
Drumclip Securing Drums in Curtain Side Trailer

Simple and fast

The use of the DRUMCLIP is super simple. With the use of only two DRUMCLIPS you secure four or eight drums solidly to the trailer. Place a ratchet strap between the pre-formed guides, tighten and ready!

The DRUMCLIP is a smart solution, that also speeds up the time of loading and unloading.


Dear Astrid,

I thank you for your time and effort organising the purchase and delivery of Drumclips for our business.

It is always difficult introducing fundamental changes to long held practices; I therefore consider it important to share positive feedback when excellent safety products are developed.

From a Work, Health and Safety perspective; I consider the Drumclip to be a game changer in two high risk areas:

  • Lashing of a potentially unstable load – vertical drums.
  • The complete removal  of risks associated with working on the back of a truck.

Securing vertical mounted drums is often performed using various drivers methodologies and lashing techniques.

Introducing Drumclip has completely removed the multitude of lashing methods and has provided this business with a single, simple and strategic process to secure vertical-mounted drums.

The Drumclips are simply placed on the drums before loading the pallet onto the truck – and taken off after the pallet is removed from the truck.

The Drumclip also forms edge protection for the lashing strap, therefore all work is undertaken at ground level. There is no need for the driver to step onto the tray top.

I strongly believe that all Logistics Companies should consider the Drumclip as a WHS tool to mitigate both community and employee risks.

Kind Regards,

George Gribble

WHS Manager

Spring Gully Foods

Mr. George Gribble, Spring Gully Foods