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We are the leading supplier of cargo securing solutions. Together with Cordstrap, we work in partnership with global 3PL companies and combine their expertise with ours in transportation.

Cost is an important factor for your business. Re-usable systems such as ratchet straps and steel chain are not only cumbersome to work with, they are also expensive. Our cargo securing solutions can provide significant cost-savings and reduce labour compared with these conventional products.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person and show you our cargo-securing product range that is the largest, best quality and most innovative available to the Australian logistics industry.

Logistics – Applications


Time is off essence and our products ensure your container packing is as easy, fast and cost effective as possible. For container packing we offer a wide range of products. One-way lashing solutions, our latest innovations CornerLash and AnchorLash and inflatable dunnage bags. For dynamic cargo on suspension we have a unique dynamic cargo solution.

Our wide range of container securing solutions are specifically designed to prevent the movement of any cargo in containers.

Flat rack securing

Cargo such as heavy machinery secured on flat racks can be exposed to extreme external influences, such as g-forces and adverse weather conditions.

We offer a unique solution for such cargo on suspension. This innovative dynamic cargo lashing system protects against the impact of these forces and ensures that cargo arrives at its destination without damage.

It is the most-effective way to secure such cargo. Safe, strong, fast and much more cost-effective than ratchets, chains or steel banding and wire rope.

Heavy machinery on flat rack with Cordlash and dynablock

Break Bulk Securing

This type of dynamic cargo securing utilizes heavy-duty polyester lashings that facilitate securing, and will not damage cargo during the voyage. We offer heavy duty polyester lashing systems with strengths of up to in excess of 20,000daN.

Our heavy duty lashing systems are the most effective way to secure any type of break bulk cargo. Strong, safe, easier, faster and much more cost-effective than chains and wire rope.

Bundling and Palletising

As a logistics company you may need to bundle together and secure irregular items for clients. Our Cordstrap composite strapping systems are stronger than steel, shock absorbent and have a high retained tension.

System strengths range from 540kg up to 3,700kg.

Wear Parts for Excavating Machinery strapped with Cordstrap
Rail Freight Steel Pipes Cordlash Lashing

Rail Freight Securing

We offer unique dynamic cargo securing solutions that provide a high degree of shock absorbency, critical during shunting.

Logistics – Solutions

Dynamic Cargo Securing

Address the behavior of large and heavy machinery in transit with our Dynamic Cargo Securing solutions. This solution consists of a combination of our patented grooved Dynablock buckle together with our industry leading Cordlash lashing. Special designed grooves in the Dynablock prevent slip in the buckle. A fast, safe, cost-effective and protective alternative for chains!

Cordstrap Lashing

Our lashing solutions make your load securing process as efficient as possible while ensuring safety. We work with you and co-create solutions that considers the cargo to be secured and your time and staffing resource required for the job. Thus delivering maximum cost efficiency.

Our lashing systems range in system strengths of up to excess of 20,000daN. To meet your specific lashing requirements, we offer a wide variety of innovative lashing accessories, such as corner lashing plates to create extra lashing points.

Cordstrap Strapping

We provide our logistics partners with expertise in the securing of non-standard (heavy, fragile, expensive or oddly shaped) products. Our strapping is quick and easy to apply – and also – safer and less damaging to cargo than steel alternatives.

To compliment your special strapping requirements, we offer a wide variety of strapping accessories.

Dunnage Bags

Quickly fill empty spaces inside shipping containers with our dunnage bags. We offer a wide range of innovative dunnage bag products.  Cordstrap dunnage bags are a fast, time- and cost saving alternative for wood blocking and bracing. They are also highly moisture and puncture resistant.

Our latest range of dunnage bags are equipped with our innovative fast inflation valve. This ensures  fast, accurate and easy inflation. Another unique feature of our D-connect dunnage bags is the valve position…it is on the edge! Easy to reach for you and the receiver.

Available in standard sizes, custom sizes and all strength levels!

Cordstrap dunnage bags

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