Cargo Restraining for the Oil and Gas Industry

Safety standards in the oil and gas industry are high. We provide strapping and lashing systems that meet and exceed these standards.

Our solutions are tested for maximum safety and reliability, are fully CTU compliant and are accepted and approved by regulatory bodies including the IMO. All strapping and lashing solutions meet the requirements of the Germanischer Lloyd classification society and Cordstrap is fully ISO 9001 certified.

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  • Easy, fast & safe to apply
  • Lightweight
  • System strengths from 500kg – 20,000kg
pipes unitised with cordstrap

Composite Strapping

Corded or Composite strapping is the most popular method used to secure items for the oil and gas markets. You can use it to strap crucial parts for an oil rig or strap heavy valves to a pallet or skid. Cordstrap invented this strapping system in 1965 and ever since, it is the highest quality composite strapping you will find in the market.

From pipework to smaller components and parts, Cordstrap provides you with a strong and safe solution. We offer a wide variety of sizes and strengths ranging up to certified system strengths of up to 3,700kg.

High retained tension & shock absorbent

Unlike steel strapping, Cordstrap is shock absorbent. When shipping offshore or to remote drilling sites, your products are picked up and put down multiple times, not to mention their shipping environment is anything but smooth.  Cordstrap can absorb these impacts without elongating or breaking.

lashing for bundling pipes energy drilling
irregular equipment oil gas industry with cordstrap strapping


Perfect for irregular and odd-shaped products

Cordstrap composite strapping has a flexible structure. This allows you to quickly strap your irregular and odd-shapes products while applying a high tension.

If you are struggling to unitise or secure your odd-shaped products on pallets, contact us! We work together with many of the worlds leading companies in the energy industry and have developed special applications to meet their specific requirements. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the most-effective solution for your applications.

Non-abrasive & non-corrosive

Ideal for use in off shore environments

Cordstrap is non-abrasive. You can apply it directly to your  coated products. You can also apply Cordstrap on products with sharp edges. When edges are razor blade sharp, we recommend some form of edge protection. We provide plastic corner pieces, but of course a piece of card board will do the trick as well.

Another benefit of Cordstrap composite strapping over steel strapping is that it does not rust. This makes Cordstrap an ideal strap to be used in an offshore environment.

Cordstrap Pallet strapping

Lashing & Dunnage Solutions


To safely secure your cargo inside containers we offer a wide range of lashing and dunnage systems.

Cordstrap composite lashing is a versatile, easy to use lashing system. It provides a strong, safe alternative for ratchets and steel strapping or chains. Much faster and easier to apply, shock absorbent and designed to eliminate movement in transit. With Cordstrap composite lashing you can secure any type of cargo inside your containers, pipes, machinery, parts, drums.

Dunnage bags provide you with an alternative to fill voids and eliminate cargo movement. It is a fast, easy and cost-effective alternative for wood blocking and bracing. Cordstrap dunnage bags are re-usable.

Flat rack securing

Cargo  on flat racks can be exposed to extreme external influences, such as g-forces and adverse weather conditions.

We offer a unique solution for such cargo. Our innovative lashing systems protect against the impact of these forces and ensures that your cargo arrives at its destination without damage.

It is the most-effective way to secure your cargo. Safe, strong, fast and more cost-effective than ratchets, chains or steel banding and wire rope.

Oil and Gas Containers on Flat Rack with Cordlash 200

Break Bulk Securing

This type of dynamic cargo securing utilizes heavy-duty polyester lashings that facilitate securing, and will not damage cargo during the voyage. We offer heavy duty polyester lashing systems with strengths of up to in excess of 20,000daN.

Our heavy duty lashing systems are the most effective way to secure any type of break bulk cargo. Strong, safe, easier, faster and more cost-effective than chains and wire rope.

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