Cargo Protection for Wine and Food Exporters

Do you need to quickly and safely secure your highly fragile, and sometimes low-cost products? We specialise in cargo protection for food and beverage products.

Whatever your shipping challenge – whether you ship across Australia, or export around the globe, with our Cordstrap cargo securing solutions you can rest assured that your products travel well secured.

We offer a wide variety of specialised cargo protection for your products, from dairy to wine, plant oils, fruits or any other food or beverage product. Contact us today for a free on-site demonstration.

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Composite Strapping

Corded or Composite strapping is a perfect solution for strapping your food or beverage products to pallets.

Composite strapping is available in a wide variety of strengths and sizes. It is fast and easy to apply. While being the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems, it is gentle to your sensitive products and can be applied directly without causing any damage.

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Lashing & Dunnage Solutions for Containers

A common misconception is that because a product cannot get damaged, or that the cargo fits “snug” in the container, there is no need to secure the cargo. However, the CTU code clearly states that the packer is fully liable for all incidents/accidents that are caused by not/improper secured cargo. This includes cargo causing injury when it falls out of the container upon opening the container doors.

Big Bags Secured with Cordstrap Composite Lashing

Container Lashing Straps

Cordstrap composite lashing is a great lashing system to safely secure your food and beverage products in shipping containers. We offer a wide range of sizes, but most commonly the 25cm and 32cm systems are used.

Cordstrap composite lashing is versatile and easy to use. It allows you to quickly secure any type of cargo, whether your food or beverage products are packed in 25kg bags, big bags, pales, drums or IBC’s.

Installing a cross lashing or harness lashing keeps your cargo away from the door and eliminates the risk of your cargo falling out of the container. This is a low cost,