Cordstrap® Strapping, Lashing & Dunnage Bags

For cargo securing on pallets, in shipping containers, on flat racks, rail & sea freight


Cordstrap CornerLash AAR Drums Application

We offer the full range of original Cordstrap® cargo securing products and accessories in Australia. 

Cordstrap® products enable you to quickly strap, lash and/or stow cargo of any nature, size, weight, and shape and prevent transportation damage. 

Cordstrap® products are a safe, stronger and a cost- and labor reducing alternative to steel strapping, ratchet straps, dogs & chains and timber blocking & bracing.

System Breaking Strengths range from 500kg – 20,000kg.

From a pallet strapping solution to the most complex project cargo, we have your transportation needs covered! 

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Cordstrap composite strapping cc 105 and buckle cb 10
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Ferrari in Container Secured with Cordstrap one way Lashing CC105
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Machinery Secured in Container with Dunnage Bags
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Cordstrap Anti Slip Rubber Matts Pieces and Rolls
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Moisture control voor Containers Cordstrap Desiccants
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We are an Australian owned and operated company with a team of enthusiastic cargo securing experts. In 2015 we introduced Cordstrap® to Australia and became Cordstrap’s exclusive partner for this amazing country. 

Across Australia, we assist companies with the most effective cargo securing products for their operations.

Before we introduced Cordstrap to Australia, we worked at Cordstrap for 20+ years in Europe, the USA and Asia/Pacific. During these years we have assisted thousands of companies in any industry with bespoke cargo securing solutions to safely ship their products and prevent transport damage. 

We complement our product range with excellent service, expert advice, complimentary training, and free on-site product demonstrations. 

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Caterpillar Parts Secured with Cordstrap composite strapping
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Lashing Super Yacht on Board Ship with Cordlash
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