Super Tymer® Steel Strapping Safety Cutter

Say goodbye to steel strapping that bursts away when you cut it.

The Super Tymer® Steel Strapping Safety Cutter for steel banding is specifically designed for cutting steel strapping under tension.

The Super Tymer® Steel Strap Safety Cutter safely cuts steel strapping, both ribbon wound and oscillated, up to 35mm wide.

Tymer Steel Strapping Safety Cutter
Tymer Steel Strapping Safety Cutter Cutting Steel Straps

A clean cut without any risk to user

The Super Tymer® Steel Strapping Safety Cutter is designed to cut steel strap under tension and prevent it from bursting away. This tool effortlessly cuts all types of metal straps and banding up to 35mm wide and 1.2mm thick.

The tool grips the steel strapping under a set of restraining rubber pads. After you have cut the strap, the straps are slowly and harmlessly released. The result is a clean cut, without any risk to the user, every time!


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Say Goodbye To Steel Strapping Injuries

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    Tired of using/receiving steel strapping?

    Safety is important to us, which is why we promote the use of the Super Tymer Steel Strapping Safety Cutter. However, we strongly advocate the use of a non-metal strapping.

    We specialise in Cordstrap Composite Strapping as an alternative for steel strapping.  Size for size, Cordstrap is stronger than steel, yet safe for users and receivers.

    Cordstrap is fast and easy to apply. It is non-abrasive and rust-proof and can be applied directly to sensitive and coated products. Visit our section on Cordstrap Composite Strapping for more information, or learn more about the differences between Cordstrap Strapping vs. Steel Strapping.

    We assist many companies that are on the receiving end of steel strapping by contacting their suppliers and inform them about Cordstrap. We would be happy to do this for your company too. Just contact us if you would like more information.