Cargo securing for the mining industry

Complete, strong and safe solutions that meet the high safety standards

The safety standards in this industry are high. We can assist with strapping and lashing that meet and exceed these safety challenges and standards.

Our solutions for the mining industry are stronger than steel, safe and fast & easy to apply. Whether you are securing dynamic cargo, heavy machinery, crated parts, chemicals or minerals, we have a safe and strong solution for your application!


  • Easy, fast & safe to apply/remove
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbent
  • High retained tension
  • System strengths from 500kg – 20,000kg
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Strapping Solutions

Cordstrap composite strapping

Stronger than steel strapping

Corded or Composite strapping is used to secure items to pallets or to unitise them. A safe strapping system that gives you the strength you are used to from your steel, but is safe to apply and remove.

Cordstrap is the perfect system system to use in your mining stores or warehouses, or as a supplier to mine sites.


  • System strengths up to 3,700kg
  • Shock absorbent (elasticity without elongation)
  • Fast & easy to apply
  • Various tooling options; manual, battery and pneumatic
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High retained tension & shock absorbent

Unlike steel strapping, Cordstrap is shock absorbent. Road conditions to and from mine sites are often rough. Products are picked up and put down multiple times.

Cordstrap absorbs these impacts without elongating or breaking.

This shock absorbency, strength and safety is what makes Cordstrap the preferred strapping by mine sites.

Wear Parts for Excavating Machinery strapped with Cordstrap