Bundling Timber, Trusses and Construction Materials

We offer Cordstrap strapping for timber, trusses and construction materials. Size for size, Cordstrap is stronger than steel and tension-retentive.  Cordstrap is safe, non-abrasive and rust-proof. Ideal for strapping timber, trusses and all construction materials; from self-cleaning windows to solar solutions, water supply systems, concrete materials, scaffolding and everything in between.

Cordstrap offers many benefits. It is safe for users and receivers and fast and easy to apply and dispose off. Tooling is light weight, low maintenance and economical compared with expensive, heavy and high maintenance battery tools. Cordstrap can be re-tensioned after your timber packs shrank in the dry kiln or yard. This strapping is the ultimate non-metallic replacement for dangerous steel strapping.

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Independently Certified

Cordstrap’s strapping for timber, trusses and construction materials are independently tested and certified for maximum safety and reliability. Strength and safety certificates are available upon request.

CTU Compliant

If you ship your timber, trusses or construction materials overseas, we offer one-way lashing systems for containers and flat racks. These systems are a time- – and cost saving alternative for ratchet straps and steel chains. The tailor made solutions and applications we offer you are fully CTU compliant. We monitor all regulatory demands and global market developments – and advise you on mandatory requirements and best practice with regard to shipping as needed. If you like to learn more about our one-way solutions for containers and/or flat racks, please visit our applications section.

The Best Strapping for your Timber, Trusses and Construction Materials?

Our various combinations of Cordstrap strapping and buckles vary in system strength between 500 kg up to 20 tons. The nature of product, weight and the means of transportation play a key role in deciding on the best cargo securing solution for you. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the best system for you. Simply complete the contact form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

Free On-Site Demonstration

We welcome the opportunity to provide a free on-site demonstrations to show the benefits and advise you on the most effective Cordstrap system for strapping your timber, trusses or construction materials. Simply complete the form below to get in touch with us. We will respond to you promptly.

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