Timber, Trusses and (Civil) Construction

We offer a wide range of load securing materials specifically for timber, trusses and (civil) construction materials; whether you need to bundle packs, round timbers or ship construction materials overseas in shipping containers or on flat racks.

Strapping ranges from 480kg-2,600kg in system strength and our lashing range provides system strengths of up to 20tons. Cordstrap is stronger than steel strapping. Unlike steel strapping, Cordstrap will not damage your products.

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Strapping Solutions

Composite strapping

Safe, stronger than steel strapping

When shipping timber and/or construction materials you often need to bundle and secure highly irregular and heavy items such as glass panels, oversize boards, (round) timbers and trusses. Cordstrap is the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems, and is even stronger than steel strapping.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Non-abrasive & rust-proof
  • Fully certified
  • System strengths of up to 3,700kg