Timber, Trusses and (Civil) Construction

We offer a wide range of load securing materials specifically for timber, trusses and (civil) construction materials; whether you need to bundle packs, round timbers or ship construction materials overseas in shipping containers or on flat racks.

Strapping ranges from 480kg-2,600kg in system strength and our lashing range provides system strengths of up to 20tons. Cordstrap is stronger than steel strapping. Unlike steel strapping, Cordstrap will not damage your products.

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Strapping Solutions

Composite strapping

Safe, stronger than steel strapping

When shipping timber and/or construction materials you often need to bundle and secure highly irregular and heavy items such as glass panels, oversize boards, (round) timbers and trusses. Cordstrap is the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems, and is even stronger than steel strapping.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Non-abrasive & rust-proof
  • Fully certified
  • System strengths of up to 3,700kg

Shock absorbent & high tension

Absorbing impacts without loss of tension

When you ship a product such as round timbers you need to keep in mind how your product is handled before it arrives at its destination. Products will be lifted and put down multiple times. Road conditions, or movement at sea, are often far from smooth.

A product that retains tension and absorbs impacts is key. Cordstrap is made of high tenacity polyester fiber. This means that Cordstrap will work with your load, absorb impact and retain its original shape.

Cordstrap on Timber lifted by Crane
Strapping for Bundling Construction Glass - Cordstrap

Non-abrasive & rust-proof

Because Cordstrap is not abrasive and does not rust, it is an ideal solution for soft timber, glass and coated products.

Cordstrap is non-abrasive and the steel buckle is always protected by the strap, which means there is never any contact between metal and your products. Our high quality steel wire buckles are galvanised and will not rust.

Cordstrap can be applied on product with sharp edges. When edges are razor sharp we recommend some form of edge protection to protect the strap. We provide plastic edge protectors, however a piece of cardboard will do the trick as well!

Lashing Solutions

Container securing

Exporting timber or construction products presents a variety of challenges. Cordstrap composite lashing systems conquers these challenges and safely secures any type of steel product inside containers, steel coils, plates, sheet, pipe and more.

Globally we work with many exporters in your industry and provide them with strong and cost-effective solutions to prevent cargo movement of their timber, glass or other construction materials inside shipping containers.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Fully certified & CTU code compliant

Flat rack lashing

Cordlash woven lashing systems are a strong, safe alternative for steel chains and ratchets to secure timber and other construction materials, such as plasterboards and concrete pipe on flat racks. Cordlash is a quick and easy to install and often a significant cost saving alternative when compared with these conventional restraint systems.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Patented Dynablock® for dynamic cargo
  • Fully certified
concrete pipes on flatrack with knotted polyester webbing
Dynablock with Cordlash 200

Dynamic cargo solutions

Prevent any slip in the buckle

If you transport your steel and metal goods on flat racks, rail cars or on board ships, certain cargoes can behave dynamically during transport. For such cargo we offer a solution that combines Cordlash polyester lashing with our Dynablock buckle.

The specially designed grooves in this buckle hold your cargo securely in place even when in motion.

Dynablock® provides unrivaled safety and security and is fast and easy to apply. It is the safest and most effective way to secure your static and dynamic loads.

Rail car securing

Cordlash woven lashing systems are a strong, safe alternative for steel chains to secure cargo on open top rail cars. Cordstrap works in close cooperation with the Association for American Rail Roads to develop specific solutions to safely transport steel product on the American rail roads.

Cordlash is shock absorbent and absorbs impact during transport on rail roads, including shunting.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Patented solution for dynamic cargo
  • System strengths of up to 20,000kg
  • Fully certified
Direct Lashing Machinery on board ship with Cordlash - Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd

Break bulk securing

Cordlash woven lashing systems are a strong, safe alternative for steel chains and ratchets to secure any cargo directly on board of vessels.

Cordlash is available in system strengths of up to 20,000kg, yet is a light weight product. This makes installing of the lashing systems quick and easy.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Patented Dynablock® for dynamic cargo
  • System strengths of up to 20tons
  • Fully certified

Fully certified

Cordlash lashing products are tested, approved and certified by the regulatory bodies below. Cordstrap is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

  • Germanischer Lloyd certified
    Germanischer Lloyd is the world’s leading classification society.
  • AAR approved
    Cordstrap partners with The Association of American Railroads when developing and testing cargo securing solutions for usage in railcars in the US.
  • International Maritime Organisation
Certificates IMO AAR DNVGL

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