Strapping and Lashing Machinery and (Wear) Parts

For securing machinery and (wear) parts, we offer a wide range of Cordstrap heavy duty strapping, lashing and dunnage solutions. Our wide range of products safely secures your machinery or (wear) parts on pallets, in shipping containers, on flat racks, rail cars and on board a vessel.

They are a strong, safe, cost- and labour reducing alternative to steel strapping, ratchets, dogs and chains and wire rope. System strengths range from 500kg up to 20,000kg.

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Strapping Solutions

Composite strapping

Safe, stronger than steel strapping

Machinery and (wear) parts can be heavy and odd-shaped. Cordstrap is the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems and flexible to work with any shape. Size for size Cordstrap is even stronger than steel strapping.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Non-abrasive & rust-proof
  • Fully certified
  • System strengths of up to 3,700kg
  • Sizes 13mm – 40mm

Shock absorbent & high tension

Absorbing impacts without the loss of tension

When you ship your product you need to keep in mind how your product is handled before it arrives at its destination. Products will be lifted and put down multiple times. Road conditions, or movement at sea, are often rough.

A product that retains tension and absorbs impacts is key. Cordstrap is made of high tenacity polyester fiber. This means that Cordstrap will work with your load, absorb impact and retain its original shape.

In this video, we dumped an OSB pack strapped with steel strapping and Cordstrap on concrete to show the shock absorbing performance of Cordstrap vs steel strapping. Although it is not machinery, you will get the idea.

Komatsu Palletising with Cordstrap

Non-abrasive & rust-proof

Unlike steel strapping, you can apply Cordstrap directly to your coated and galvanised products.

Cordstrap is non-abrasive and the steel buckle is always protected by the strap, which means there is never any metal on metal contact with your products. Our high quality steel wire buckles are galvanised and will not rust.

Cordstrap can be applied on product with sharp edges. When edges are razor sharp we recommend some form of edge protection to protect the strap. We provide plastic edge protectors, however a piece of cardboard will do the trick as well!

Lashing & Dunnage Solutions for Containers

Machinery in container secured with Cordstrap composite lashing

Container lashing systems

Lashing machinery in containers can be challenging due to their weight and size. Container lashing points are only rated at 500kg (top) and 1000kg (bottom), and large machinery makes it difficult to move around freely inside tight container spaces. Cordstrap composite and woven lashing systems conquer these challenges and more.

Use them to quickly and safely secure any type of machinery inside containers, including machinery on suspension. If  you like to learn more, here is an interesting case study we did for a large global agricultural machinery manufacturer “securing large and heavy agricultural machinery inside a container“.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Cost- and labour saving alternative for ratchets and chains
  • Fully certified & CTU code compliant

Cordstrap D-connect dunnage bags

Secure and stabilize of up to 23 tons

Dunnage bags are an alternative to timber to block and brace cargo and eliminate cargo movement. They are much quicker to install and more cost-effective.

D-Connect dunnage bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize loads of up to 23 tons in containers, closed rail cars, trucks and ships. The D-Connect bag is the most reliable in the market and enables cargo to be secured in an easy and consistent way.

Dunnage bags stowing machinery in containers
Heavy Machinery Cordlash Dynamic Cargo Securing

Flat rack lashing

A common misconception is that heavy machinery requires “heavy” steel chains to be secured on flat racks. Cordlash however, is a perfect alternative to replace your steel dogs and chains.

Cordlash woven lashing systems are a strong, safe alternative for steel chains and ratchet straps to secure your machinery on flat racks.  Cordlash is quick and easy to install and only a fraction of the cost of dogs and chains.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Patented Dynablock® for dynamic cargo
  • Fully certified

Dynamic cargo solutions

Prevent any slip in the buckle

For securing machinery on suspension, or machinery that can behave dynamically during transport, we offer a patented solution that combines Cordlash polyester lashing with our Dynablock buckle.

The specially designed grooves in this buckle hold your cargo securely in place even when in motion.

Dynablock® provides unrivaled safety and security and is fast and easy to apply. It is the safest and most effective way to secure your static and dynamic loads.

This video shows you the difference in performance between a static ladder buckle and the Cordstrap Dynablock buckle.

Break bulk securing cargo restraint systems with Cordlash

Break bulk securing

Cordlash woven lashing systems are a strong, safe alternative for steel chains and ratchet straps to secure machinery directly on board of vessels.

Cordlash is available in system strengths of up to 20,000kg, yet is a lightweight product. This makes installing of the lashing systems quick and easy. Cordlash is used to secure all types of machinery on vessels.


  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent
  • Patented Dynablock® for dynamic cargo
  • System strengths of up to 20tons
  • Fully certified

Compliant cargo securing solutions

Every transport method and region has its own rules and regulations. Cordstrap lashing solutions comply with the CTU-Code, IMDG and AAR guidelines, which are key to ensuring safe transport.

Cordstrap strapping systems are independently tested and certified by DNV/GL.

We are ready to help you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to safely secure your cargo in any mode of transport, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations – locally and globally.

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