Cargo Securing on Flat Racks

A superior and cost-effective alternative to ratchet straps, chains and wire rope.

On flat racks, your cargo can be exposed to extreme external forces. Cordlash lashing straps protects against these elements and eliminate cargo movement during transportation, on road, rail and sea.

This securing system can be used for heavy, irregularly shaped loads, including heavy machinery and other equipment. Traditional polyester securing solutions with standard buckles can lead to a risk of slippage under such circumstances. Our unique and patented Dynablock® buckle eliminates this.


  • Easy, fast and safe to apply
  • Highly shock-absorbent
  • Tension retentive
  • Certified and approved by Germanischer Lloyd & IMO
  • Inclusive of onsite staff training
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Flat Rack Lashing Heavy Earth Moving Machinery