Benefits Cordstrap Anti Slip Mats

  • Added safety
  • Prevents sliding
  • Increases the friction force of top-over lashings
  • Allows to secure cargo weights otherwise impossible
  • Prevents products from turning during transport (tubes/coils)

When to Use Cordstrap Anti Slip Mats?

Cordstrap’s Anti-Slip Mats are ideal for preventing slippage of cargo during transport. Placing the mats between the cargo and the floor increases friction for a fast and easy solution to avoid unwanted movement during transport.

Friction is a force that resists relative motion between two surfaces in contact. Friction between goods and their loading platform, e.g. a pallet, helps to prevent movement. Different contact surfaces have different coefficients of friction. Each unique combination of materials has its own frictional value and its own coefficient (µ). For example, wood on wood or metal on wood each have a different coefficient (µ). The higher the coefficient, the less likely it is that the load will move.

Cordstrap Anti slip mats are made from recycled rubber granulate and a polyurethene binder. Using anti-slip mats is a simple way to increase the friction between cargo and the cargo floor.

This video is a great example of the friction increasing properties of Cordstrap anti slip mats. Two IBC’s are placed on a truck, one without anti slip mats and one on anti slip mats.