Strapping for Mine Sites

The Preferred Alternative for Steel Strapping by Australia’s Mining Companies

Safety standards in the mining industry are high. Heavy machinery, equipment, and materials shipped to and from mine sites are heavy and therefore often strapped to pallets with steel strapping, aka metal banding.

A common misbelief is that steel strapping is the strongest strapping and therefore the only available solution for strapping heavy items. However, steel strapping is dangerous and more and more mine sites in Australia are turning away from using and accepting steel strapping.

Is there a stronger than steel, yet safe strapping?

Yes there is! Cordstrap composite strapping is a perfect alternative for steel strapping. Especially for heavy and odd-shaped parts and equipment that are often shipped to mine sites. In 2015 this strapping system was introduced to Australia. Not only is Cordstrap strapping stronger than steel strapping, it provides many other benefits. Especially for the mine sites!

Benefits Cordstrap strapping for Mine Sites

This is a no-brainer. Working with steel strapping is like working with razor blades. Receiving steel strapping is even more dangerous because the straps recoil when cut.

Size for size, Cordstrap is stronger than steel strapping. This means that a 19mm Cordstrap is stronger than a 19mm steel strapping, and so on. Cordstrap is available in system strengths ranging from 480kg up to 3,700kg!

Shock Absorbent- Does Not Snap During Transport on Corrugated Roads to Remote Mine Sites
Unlike steel strapping (and plastic strapping), Cordstrap is fully shock-absorbent and does not elongate. A little explanation about elongation…

There are two types of elongation. Permanent elongation and elastic elongation. Steel strapping has permanent elongation. This means that upon impact steel strapping will elongate and potentially break. It does not bounce back in its original shape.

Cordstrap strapping has elastic elongation. This means that during impact composite strapping absorbs energy, elongates and bounces back in its original shape.

Fast & Easy to Apply
Cordstrap composite strapping only requires one, low-cost, tool. The strap is flexible. This makes it easy to apply to odd-shaped products. Not working with a razor sharp product means no need to put all your protective gear on such as safety glasses and gloves.

Wide variety of sizes and strengths
In the mining industry, the most commonly used steel strapping widths are 19mm and 32mm. Cordstrap is also available in 25mm. The 25mm system is almost as strong as a 32mm steel strapping and many companies switch from a 32mm steel strapping to a 25mm Cordstrap. Added benefit is major cost-savings.

To provide the most cost-effective and customized solutions, there are various breaking strength variations in systems with the same width. Let me explain…

Cordstrap sizes
For example, Cordstrap strapping 19mm is available with a system breaking strength of 1 ton and with a system breaking strength of 1,440kg. The 25mm system is available with a system breaking strength of 1,500kg and 2,080kg. You can find out more about all available Cordstrap sizes and breaking strengths here.

Does not rot or rust
Cordstrap strapping does not rust or rot and therefore does not damage your products.

Heat and chemical resistant
Cordstrap is heat-resistant and only at temperatures above 285°C will decomposition in the presence of oxygen take place. Softening of Cordstrap will take place at 125°C but this has no negative influence. Cordstrap is also compatible with most chemicals.

Cordstrap strapping can be directly applied to coated products.

When comparing a 19mm steel strapping with a 19mm Cordstrap system, pricing is comparable. However, when you compare 32mm steel strapping with 32mm Cordstrap, the cost-savings are major.

Consistent Breaking Strength
Unlike steel strapping or the green plastic strapping PET, Cordstrap provides you with a certified consistent breaking strength. What does this mean?

Steel strapping and PET are closed with a steel crimper or a heat seal. The strength of this type of joint closures depends on variables such as quality of the tool and the operator.

With steel strapping and PET, only the linear breaking strength (strap only) can be guaranteed. However, you can have the strongest strap in the world, if your joint closure is weak, you still end up with a weak system.

Cordstrap strapping is closed with a steel buckle. This is the strongest joint closure you can use. The buckle is not dependent on a tool or operator and therefore the same system breaking strength (strap and buckle) is always guaranteed.

Tested and Certified
Cordstrap strapping is independently tested and certified by DNV/GL.

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Why is Cordstrap Strapping so strong?

Cordstrap weaving machine

Cordstrap weaving machine at HQ in The Netherlands

Cordstrap strapping is known as “synthetic steel”. It is the latest develpment in strapping technology. We manufacture this strap from high tenacity polyester yards that we embed in a polymer coating. This coating creates friction in the buckle, ensuring a high retained tension of the system during transport and handling.

Cordstrap is made from individually corded fibers. These individual cords prevent the strap from tearing through if it gets in contact with a sharp object, like a nail. Plastic strapping consists of a solid mass, that will tear through straightaway.

Cordstrap strapping and buckles are manufactured at our locations in The Netherlands, The USA and Dubai.

Cordstrap Strapping Tools

Cordstrap strapping can be hand tightened. However, to reach high tension you need a tensioning tool. Unlike with steel strapping, Cordstrap only requires one tool. The tools are low cost and not subject to wear and tear as steel strapping tools. Cordstrap tools are in-house manufactured and you can choose from manual, battery and pneumatic tensioning tools.

Engineered Solutions for Strapping Small Heavy Bundles

For certain strapping applications, such as round bundles of steel rods, structural steel, drilling equipment and steel pipe we engineered a tool with a round bundle attachment. Reaching a high tension on even the smallest of bundles has never been easier!

Strapping tool for small round heavy bundles steel

Cordstrap Unique Award Winning Strapping Tool with Engineered Attachment for Small Round Bundles

Applying high tension on small square shaped bundles, such as cutting edges, is extremely difficult, if not impossible when you are using steel strapping or PET.

The tools are simply too big and you don’t have enough platform to position your tool on. With Cordstrap’s normal manual tool, this is however easy to do. It is a little trick that we are happy to share with you during a demo.

Contact Us For Free Onsite Demo or Samples

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