Lashing Buckles

Your heavy duty lashing system is only as strong as its weakest link

lashing buckles copied from Cordstrap Lashing bucklesSince 1965 Cordstrap has been leading the world of cargo securing systems with a unique concept of in-house research, development and manufacturing. The only company in this industry!

The logistics industry is always on the move and so are we. We continue to develop the most innovative, high-quality cargo securing solutions to conquer all shipping challenges and exceed our customers’ demands.

If you are an innovative company like us, and invest in R&D and delivering consistently high-quality products, you will understand the frustration when other companies simply try to imitate your products. Of course, it can also be seen as a huge compliment.

Whichever way you look at your copycats, I am sure you agree with the famous saying “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices“. This is the reason you and us are still in business and continue to lead in our respective industries.

Take for example our Lashing Buckles. The Cordlash Heavy Duty Lashing Systems in combination with Lashing Buckles was invented and developed by Cordstrap. As with many of our other systems, as soon as patents expire, other companies start to copy our products.

From the outside, the buckles look identical.

Until things go wrong…

We are often contacted when things went wrong with a cargo, caused by buckles breaking either during tensioning or transport.

You would not want a 10ton+ cargo to get loose on the road, or on the vessel during its journey.

The consequences can be enormous. Not just for your cargo, but especially for the environment and people handling it!

Poor manufacturing process

There are many inferior copy buckles around the world. Poor welts, a poor manufacturing process, inferior steel quality and no quality control are to blame.

How to avoid this?

Always ask for a test certificate from the manufacturer and check if the strapping, lashing and buckles have been tested according to the ASTM (American Standard Testing Methodology) D3950.

Another great way to make sure you are purchasing a quality product is to check if the manufacturer has a liability insurance.

Packer is fully responsible

The price of a buckle does not break the bank. Why risk saving a few cents, or maybe even  $1 per buckle while your risks can include:

• Loss of your cargo
• Damage to the environment
• Loss of life
• Tens of thousands of dollars in damages
• Thousands of dollars in fines

Keep in mind that You, the packer of the cargo, carry full responsibility for incidents and accidents that happen due to improperly secured cargo until its final destination!