Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd finalist 2018 Logistics & Materials Handling “Transport Solution of the Year: Sea Freight” Award

Mercury Awards 2018 Logo

Mercury Awards 2018 Logo

We are delighted that we have been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Logistics & Materials Handling Mercury Awards. 

We are being recognized for Cordstrap’s CornerLash® System in the category: “Transport Solution of the Year: Sea Freight”. A great solution for containerized sea freight, CornerLash® is also a great solution for containerized road and rail freight.


CornerLash Web Product Page - Technical Illustration

CornerLash  – Technical IllustrationCornerLash®

Cordstrap CornerLash is a breakthrough innovation for securing heavy cargos inside containers. There is no need to use the traditional lashing points already situated in the container. These lashing points are only rated at 500kg (top) and 1000kg (bottom) and therefore often the weakest link when it comes to securing cargo inside shipping containers.

CornerLash Web Product Page - CornerLash


CornerLash does not use the traditional lashing points. Instead, it uses the strongest part of the container, the corner posts. This system creates instant lashing points of 3000kg.

The system is ideal for securing chemicals inside containers, whether they are stored in IBC’s, drums, big bags or soft packaging. It is the only system in the market that allows for securing heavy cargos of up to 30tons inside containers.


Plug and Play components

To complement the system we developed what we like to call ‘Plug and Play’ components. The plug and play components are cargo specific add-ons, such as engineered protectors for IBC’s. To protect soft packaging we designed EdgeBoards. Besides protecting the packaging, the plug and play components ensure safety and speed.

Benefits CornerLash®

  • total cost of ownership
  • safety
  • speed – it takes less than 10 minutes to secure 30t
  • tested & certified
  • CTU code compliant and AAR approved

For more detailed information about the CornerLash system, please click here.