Drumclip in Australia

Introducing a solution to Australia to safely tie down palletised drums to trucks

We are always on the hunt for clever solutions and products to improve your load securing and are happy to introduce the latest product to our range, the Drumclip!

The Drumclip quickly and safely allows you to tie down drums to curtain side trailers. This has always been a challenge for drivers, and currently  is mostly done by placing a pallet or a large cornerboard on top of the drums. However, this does not prevent the drums from falling over.

The Drumclip can be used to tie down 4 drums, 8 drums or a full trailer load of palletised drums.

Other benefits of the Drumclip are:

  • less weight to transport
  • less fuel consumption
  • CO2-reduction
  • less wear and tear of ratchet straps
  • faster loading and unloading
  • no return loads of pallets

This smart innovative clip weighs only 100 gram. We pack them per 25pcs in a tough, nylon zipper bag for easy storage on the truck. Enough for a full truck load of palletised drums and some spares. The clips are re-usable for up to 2 years after their manufacturing date.

We look forward to our partnership with the inventers and manufacturers of Drumclip, and in providing Australian companies with a long awaited safe solution for transporting palletised drums.

Drumclip Securing Drums in Curtain Side Trailer

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