Container Safety Awareness Program

Australia’s Leading Experts in International Container Transport Logistics Chains Join Forces

Container Safety Awareness Course
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Are you aware of best practice in safe container loading and cargo restraint?

Do you understand the legal, safety and commercial consequences of unrestrained and poorly packed cargo inside shipping containers?

Unfortunately, truck roll-over accidents continue to be a regular occurance on Australian roads, resulting in damaged or total loss of property, cargo and worst of all, loss of life.

To make the Australian Roads safer for all road users, the Australian Government has introduced strict rules under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) when it comes to road safety.

Under the current CoR, everyone involved in importing and/or exporting products in shipping containers is personally liable if an incident happens on Australian Roads which is the result of poorly or unrestrained cargo. This can have serious consequences, including imprisonment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Important to know is that this also applies to containers being imported to Australia!

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

The Heavy Vehicle National Law was amended on 1 October 2018, to provide that every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities.

In layman terms, this means containerized cargo needs to be secured, whether you export or import. It is no longer possible to blame overseas suppliers for not securing your products, or by a transport company hired to transport your containers to and from the warf. Cargo must be properly secured whenever and wherever it is being transported on Australian soil.  However, understanding packing rules, regulations and guidelines is not always simple and can be quite confusing.

Safe Container Loading Practices & Heavy Vehicle Campaign

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Initiative

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To create awareness and clearly explain these rules and regulations that apply to anyone involved in shipping or bringing goods from/to Australia, the Safe Container Loading Practices & Heavy Vehicle Safety campaign has been developed and funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI).

The Container Transport Australian (CTAA) and Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) have led the campaign development with support from Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd, the WiseTech Academy, ICHCA Australia, TT Club and Crawford Surveyors over the past year to create an extensive educational resource program.

Free e-learning course, checklist & webinar series

The campaign includes a FREE comprehensive e-Learning course, best practice guidelines and a safe container packing check list for use by all parties in the international container transport logistics chains. There  will also be a series of online webinars with industry experts, which are free to attend for everyone.

Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd, Australia’s leader in assisting Australina companies with CTU Code Compliant Cargo Securing Solutions, Products and Training, was invited to join the steering group and lend their expertise. Andre van Hoornaar, director of Cargo Restraint Systems Pty Ltd, will also partake in the webinar series to shed more light on safe cargo securing in a CTU Code Compliant Manner.

Where to sign up?

If you like more information about how to sign up for the free online training and webinars, please click on this link to contact us or visit the FTA website.