CoR & Road Safety | Forces Acting on Cargo

Sometimes images, or video, speak louder than a thousand words. That is why I have put together a short video showing the forces acting on containerised cargo in transit.

Many companies still choose not to secure their cargo because they believe that their cargo is too heavy too move, or because it fits snug inside the container. If this is you, please let this video be a reminder that cargo ALWAYS MOVES!

Under the CoR in Australia when it comes to Road Transport, everyone within your company involved with a shipment, from purchasing to the warehouse staff, can be personally held liable if an accident happens caused by unsecured or improper secured cargo.  The blame can no longer be placed on your overseas supplier for not properly securing the cargo. If it is transported on Australian Roads, YOU and everyone within your company are at risk.  Fines are high, up to $300k and 5 years imprisonment!

Cordstrap is the Global Market Leader providing companies around the world with cargo securing solutions since 1965. We have locations in 50+ countries. We can assist you and your suppliers anywhere in the world, so you can rest assured that you are fully compliant.

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