Cordlash 105

32mm Woven Lashing | 3,000 daN – 4,000 daN

Cordstrap Cordlash 105 is a superior lashing system to secure your cargo in/on containers, flat racks and railcars.

Cordlash 105 is 32mm in width. It is safe, cost-effective and time-efficient. It can be used with 3 Cordstrap buckle types to create the a system breaking strength varying from 3,000kg – 4,000kg.

Woven lashing solutions deliver high securing performance due to a special heat-treatment process. A forged ladder buckle is used to close the system.

Let us provide you with a solution to safely secure your cargo in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We will meet you at any location in Australia for a free on-site consultation or demonstration.

Features & Specs

  • Dynamic Cargo Securing Solutions keep cargo still, even when it’s on the move
  • Modular solutions for safe, cost-effective shipping
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for tailor-made solutions
Cordlash 105
Item Description System Strength Ctn Qty
Cordlash 105 Woven Lashing 32mm x 250m 3,000daN (with HDB35 Buckle) 1 bag
Cordlash 105 Woven Lashing 32mm x 250m 4,000daN (with HDB10/DLB10 Buckle) 1 bag
Cordlash 105 Woven Lashing 32mm x 250m 4,000daN (with DLB10 Buckle) – For Dynamic Cargo 1 bag

Tooling Options for Cordlash 105

We offer a wide range of tooling options to tension the Cordlash 105 system. You have a choice of manual, battery and pneumatic operated tools.

Cordstrap CT-40

  • Applied pre-tension 200kg – 800kg
  • Suitable for strap widths 19mm – 40mm
  • Item 17502400
Cordstrap Tensioner CRT 50

Cordstrap CBT-35

  • Applied pre-tension 350kg – 800 kg
  • Suitable for strap widths 19mm – 32mm
  • Item 17580000
Cordstrap Battery Tool CBT 35

Cordstrap CT35PN

  • Applied pre-tension 300kg – 1100kg
  • Suitable for strap widths 19mm – 32mm
  • Item 17566100
Pneumatic Tensioner CT 35 PN
Cordstrap Dynamic Load Buckle
Buckles & Hooks

Dynamic Cargo Securing

Dynamic Cargo Securing is the safest and most effective way to ship static and dynamic loads quickly and easily. It combines Cordlash woven lashing with the patented Dynamic Load Buckle. Cordlash 105 in combination with the Dynamic Load Buckle 10 (DLB10) has a system breaking strength of 4,000daN.

The Dynamic Load Buckles contains specially designed grooves to hold cargo securely in place even when in motion. This provides you with unrivalled safety and security in an innovative and efficient system.


  • Dynamic Load Buckles prevent lashing from slipping
  • Flexible one-way polyester lashing does not damage cargo or equipment
  • A safe, quick and easy way to secure dynamic (behaving) cargo of any shape and size
  • GL witnessed, AAR approved, compliant with DIN (EN) and ASTM standards


Container securing up to 11 tons

AnchorLash has been specifically designed to secure light loads of up to 11 tons in containers within a few minutes, using the existing lashing points.

AnchorLash is ideal for securing soft packaged materials inside shiping containers, such as carton boxes, cans or 25 kg. and 50 lb. bags in either 20ft. or 40 ft. containers. AnchorLash consists of various plug and play components, used in combination with Cordlash 105 that will ensure your cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Cordstrap AnchorLash
Cordstrap AnchorLash Soft Packaging Application

Create Extra Lashing Points

To secure big crates on flat racks, we have designed the Corner Lashing Plate. Use these plates to create extra lashing points.

With the Corner Lashing Plates you can apply direct lashings. This allows you to calculate with the safe working load of your lashing system, instead of just the tension as you normally do with a tie-down system.


Corner lashing plate
Lashing Accessories
Certificates IMO AAR DNVGL

Fully certified

CTU Code compliant
The global code of practice for handling and packing shipping containers.

AAR approved
Cordstrap partners with The Association of American Railroads when developing and testing cargo securing solutions for usage in railcars in the US.

Germanischer Lloyd certified
Germanischer Lloyd is the world’s leading classification society.

Ferrari in Container Secured with Cordstrap one way Lashing CC105
Container Securing
Flat Rack Lashing Application Heavy Machinery
Flat Rack Securing
Oil and Gas Equipment Secured with Cordstrap Cordlash Heavy Duty Lashing
Breakbulk securing
Steel Pipes on Rail Wagons with Cordstrap Lashing
Railfreight Securing

The Cordstrap difference…

Since 1965 Cordstrap has been the global leader of one-way cargo securing systems with offices in 50+ countries. Extensive R&D combined with in-house manufacturing at our 5 facilities is unique in this industry. Close partnership with customers and industry regulatory organisations, has led to multiple patented solutions.

Many companies try to imitate Cordstrap’s products, but Cordstrap’s consistent high quality products have never been paralleled.

In 2015, we introduced Cordstrap to Australia. We are not just a re-seller of cargo securing systems. We assist you with genuine solutions to conquer your every cargo securing needs.

Our Australian team has 20+ years of international cargo securing experience with Cordstrap in Europe, USA and Asia. They have worked with 10,000+ of our global customers, providing them with customised solutions and support.

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