Cordstrap Hang Straps and AnchorLash for Bulker Bags

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

40ft Big Bags with non compressible material

AnchorLash HD secures big bags, drums and IBC’s in a 40 ft container in a fast and easy way.
AnchorLash HD uses the lower lashing points to secure cargo up to 18 tons.

Hang Straps and AnchorLash HD for Securing Bulker Bags in Containers

Benefits of using AnchorLash HD to secure big bags, drums and IBC’s in a 40 ft container

Optimal security

  • AnchorLash HD uses the lower lashing points in a container to secure up to 18 tons of cargo
  • High-tech, pre-cut lashing makes cutting unnecessary, increasing worker safety
  • Cordstrap offer on-site training to ensure optimal security

Fast and easy application

  • Plug and play components, such as hang straps, allow one person to secure a container in 10 minutes
  • We offer on-site training, loading plans, instruction manuals and videos for ease of use

Fully certified

  • AnchorLash HD carries Lloyds, MariTerm CTU Code compliance certification and Eurosafe Certification

Expert Support

  • AnchorLash HD is fully supported by training and implementation from local cargo securing experts and enabling standardization and consistency

Instruction Video

Cordstrap AnchorLash HD

Secure up to 18 tons of cargo!

Specifically designed for medium-weight loads in containers, AnchorLash HD is a breakthrough innovation in cargo securing. The most time and cost efficient solution on the market, AnchorLash HD enables medium-weight cargo (up to 18 tons) to be secured in an easy and consistent way within 10 minutes.

Suitable for many types of loads, including carton boxes, plastic drums, big bags, cans and other soft packaging – in both 20 ft and 40 ft containers – the AnchorLash HD solution ensures cargo is secured in the safest and most efficient way possible.

AnchorLash HD
AnchorLash HD and Cordstrap Hang Straps

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