Worried about Steel Strapping Injuries?

Cordstrap® is safe and stronger than steel strapping

Cordstrap Composite Strapping Starter Kit
(includes: 2 rolls Cordstrap® strapping (size/strength of choice), 1 box Cordstrap® buckles, Cordstrap® tensioning tool, Cordstrap® strapping trolley, pallet feeder)

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Cordstrap® Starter Kit

Our exclusive offer to a highly discounted Cordstrap® Starter Kit has everything you need to get started and move away from dangerous steel strapping.

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Cordstrap Composite Strapping for All industries

Strong and Safe

Cordstrap composite strapping is a high quality, strong strapping system to strap products of any size, shape, and weight. It does not recoil when cut, making it safe to remove and easy to dispose of.

Benefits Cordstrap

  • Non-abrasive
  • Re-tensionable
  • High retained tension
  • Shock absorbent (no elongation)
  • Sizes 13mm – 32mm / 480kg – 2,600kg
  • DNV/GL Certified & Australian Standards Compliant

Composite Strapping

Technical Specifications

We offer over 600+ strapping and buckles combinations. Below is a selection of our most popular systems. Please contact us for advice on your strapping applications.

Item Description System Strength Ctn Qty
CC-40 Cordstrap 13mm x 1,100m 480kg 2 rolls
CC-50 Cordstrap 16mm x 850m 680kg 2 rolls
CC-55 Cordstrap 16mm x 600m 880kg 2 rolls
CC-65 Cordstrap 19mm x 500m 1,000kg 2 rolls
CC-69 Cordstrap 19mm x 450m 1,440kg 2 rolls
CC-86 Cordstrap 25mm x 450m 1,500kg 2 rolls
CC-89 Cordstrap 25mm x 400m 2,080kg 2 rolls
CC-105 Cordstrap 32mm x 230m 2,600kg 2 rolls

Composite Strapping Buckles

Cordstrap strapping buckles provide the strongest and most consistent joint in the industry.

Unlike crimpers or heat seals, Cordstrap’s system strength does not rely on the tool or how and by whom it is applied.

Benefits of Cordstrap Buckles include

  • Joint efficiency of up to 90%
  • Most consistent closure method in the industry
  • Self-locking
  • Manufactured from high-quality steel wire
Cordstrap Composite Lashing Buckle CB-10

Composite Strapping Buckles

Technical Specifications

Below is a selection of our standard, and most commonly used, steel wire galvanised buckles. We also provide phosphated, strong, heavy duty and extra heavy duty versions of our buckles. The buckle and Cordstrap combination determines the ultimate system strength of your system.

Item Description Ctn Qty
CB-4 13 mm Cordstrap Buckles 1,000
CB-5 (for CC-50) 16 mm Cordstrap Buckles 1,000
CB-5S (for CC-55) 16 mm Cordstrap Buckles 1,000
CB-6S (for CC-65) 19 mm Cordstrap Buckles 500
CB-6XHD (for CC-69) 19 mm Cordstrap Buckles 300
CB-8 25 mm Cordstrap Buckles 250
CB-10 32 mm Cordstrap Buckles 125

Composite Strapping

Strapping tools 

You only need 1 tool to apply Cordstrap. All our tools are in-house developed. Cordstrap tensioners are the highest quality and strongest tools in the market. They are low-cost and low-maintenance. We offer manual, battery-powered and pneumatic strapping tools.

For small bundles, we have developed and manufacture a unique tool. This tool allows you to quickly strap even the smallest, yet heavy, round bundles while providing high tension. The small bundle tool is available in manual and battery operated versions.

Strapping Tools

Composite Strapping 

Strapping carts and accessories

Composite strapping carts and accessories are designed to make your strapping job as easy as possible.

Our wide range includes various dispenser models, a strap feeder, anti-slip mats and a variety of corner and edge protection.

Dispensers & accessories
Cordstrap woven and composite strapping products

Composite Strapping – Application Videos

Pallet Strapping

Strapping Bundles/Packs

Limited Time Only Highly Discounted Special Offer

Cordstrap® Starter Kit

(Starter Kit Includes: 2 rolls Cordstrap® composite strapping (size/strength of choice), 1 box Cordstrap® buckles, 1 Cordstrap® tensioner, 1 Cordstrap® dispenser, 1 Cordstrap® pallet feeder, T&C’s Apply)
Cordstrap Starter Kit
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